Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exciting new class!!

I have been out of the loop since last January.  I was determined to make more art, blog more often, and connect with more artists.  Well, in the last 10 months I didn't create too often, I didn't blog at all, and I only connected with two artists.  Pretty weak attempt at meeting my goals, but that happens some times.  So to kick my butt in gear I signed up for an online mixed media course.  Come join me, it will be fun!  it's called LifeBook , check it out at ......

Hope to see you there!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mermaid circus

Happy Spring!!!  Change seems to be in the air......Thank Goodness!!!  I'm pretty done with the stale Gray days Chicago offers from October to April.  the Sun has been shining the last few days and flowers are starting to peak from the ground.  It's a very exciting time......for more than one reason.
I guess I needed a bit more than I previously thought of a motivator to get me moving on the art front.  I have been feeling stuck and uninspired for months.......a total Funk.  While perusing my favorite sites today I stumbled upon the most perfect class.  I have been wanting to take a class with Teesha Moore for years.  An online class has been developed for those of us that never had the chance to partake in journalfest or ARTfest.  I'm so excited!  Here is the link if you'd like to join.  Class starts April 8th.  Hopefully I will be posting what I create.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post holiday

Hope everyone had a great holiday!  I'm ready for the new year.  A time to start fresh and set some goals.  I have not been as dedicated to getting work done and posting in 2012.  I decided to set myself up to be challenged.  I'll be posting in the new year.  Until then I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Life has gotten in the way yet again.  I'm shocked I've only posted 5 times this year.  Funny, but I actually thought that number would be lower.  I have been recovering from an injury as many who have read this blog know.  I lost time somewhere in this injury warp.  I now realize this last year I have grieved the loss of what my life once was.  I can walk at this point which is great!    But my foot only works at about 10% mobility.  It's hard to imagine having a bum foot........but a bum foot, leads to a bum ankle that leads to a bum knee, bum hip, that then hurts the back and neck.
I guess I have realized in the last few months that I am going through something life changing........that I had a loss.......that I needed to grieve that loss, and work through it my way,  Find spirit to let go the negative and move past it.  I feel that I'm coming out on the other end of it emotionally.  It takes courage to except things, and finding the strength at times is difficult.  As we all know time does not stop for us, but we merely need to adapt.

I am finding my way and will be back in 2013.  I'm thinking of new projects to tackle and I hope you'll come along for the ride.

Be back soon.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Sketchbook Project "create and Capture"

The back of my book.  I didn't do much to the covers.  I used a translucent orange marker to draw swirls.

The history behind the theme of the book.  Still focusing negative energy from my injury into my art work.  I have been  discharged from daily treatments of hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.  I have also been discharged from the wound center at Good Sam Hospital where I was being treated every week.  I the wound on my foot is finally closed up.  Hurray!  My stress level has decreased immensely since now there is no risk of infection entering my body anymore.  It was a rough 10 months thinking I could lose my foot or worse.  My big toe is on and viable enough to stay alive.  That's about all I can say.

My title page.

Paint, collage and tape.

I  just love this girl.

Paint, marker, magazine clippings, book page, and transfer.

collage, book page, paint marker, masking tape and wood stamps.

magazine clippings, Japanese tape, stamps marker.
This is s true - she does dream in vivid color.

Her wings feel clipped....... They do.
It is hard to be an active person and then have a foot injury.  It drives you completely insane-o.
I am not up to speed and can hardly do any of the activities I used to enjoy.  It's re-inventing yourself, but not by choice.  It's altering your every day for the sake of accommodating your own body.  It's hard to fathom that I actually took my freedom for granted.  I just expected Health and mobility to always be there.  When you have to depend on people to do things, take care of you and drive you around you start to realize how humbling the experience is........how the fragility of our mobility or our life can be gone in a blink.  I'm not all doom and gloom, negative Nelly over here.
I was just feeling the lack of freedom and all the other stuff poured out.
Hence the reason her wings felt clipped.

tissue paper, marker, paint, gold gel pen, washi tape, & stamps.

Little fat bird.  Caught in a cage.

folded page

Set your doubts free.

months of recovery
8/August - 4/April
I was just discharged on May 30 but this book was due.  Otherwise there would have been a 5/May in the now section.

I just love this image and saying.  

Healing is a strange thing.  You have no control over it.  Everything is completely out of your hands.  It's very difficult to stand by and wait patiently, but patience is all you can have.  This image is about the lack of control one has in certain situations.  A positive attitude is really what carried me through.....well, and denial.  I just had to keep thinking I was going to be better in the next couple weeks.  As I kept thinking that months, and months passed before me.  I'm so pleased to be released from all the daily medical attention I needed.  It was so very time consuming.  Now to get on with my life.  I am in hopes that the extent of damage is not as life altering in a year to come as it is today.  I can hope.  It's the only thing that will carry me through.......and patience.
................lots and lots of patience.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A few new things

This is a piece I made for my Niece.  She is into graffiti art.  Seeing as my style is a bit bright and grungy I thought she would enjoy it.

I have had a rough 9 months.  I have neglected to find time to post new material., but  I am  going to try and be better at  that.  This is a little reminder to find the good in the every day.  Sometimes life's obstacles get in the way.  The unexpected creeps up and messes everything up.  Well........ I'm here.  My heart is beating, I have a roof over my head, a meal in my tummy, and I am loved.  Everything else is no big deal.  Even when your life is completely altered......find the good in the circumstance.  There is nothing else to do.  Being angry or feeling things are unfair is just a waste of time.
It's just LIFE keeping you on your toes........  Even if by the grace of God and a complete idiot that you only have 5 toes that are up in working order. 

This was inspired by some friends that have given me a huge amount of  help during my injury.  There are really good people in this world.  I am blessed to know some of them.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A little inspiration.

Trying to incorporate patience into every day.  Some days are harder than others.
I am waiting for this day to come.  The day I am healed and have no need to worry about my foot. 
"Your kindness is a generous gift"  is a piece I made for a friend.  People really picked up the slack for me in the earlier months.  Cooking my family meals and driving my kids to school and activities.  This was a thank you for them.
  How wonderful to know of genuine kindness.