Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Brand New Blogger

These are a couple pictures from my doodle sampler page.

Created on water color paper with a sharpie.

The subject and journaling is all based on a moment in time.

Expressing that one needs to soar above being a caged bird.

Time goes all too fast.

Appreciating every moment is now something I challenge myself to practice on a daily basis.

Not being consumed with yesterday or intrigued with tomorrow.

All we really have is this moment in time.

So here I am .

wondering where exactly to start.

I guess that's the way it always is....the ever intimidatiting

Big blank white page.

So I start.....

with much encouragement from my soul sisters

I have decided to start this Blog.

A place in which I can display

my work
as a collective whole.

An entity of me.
My Imaginarium.


Christy said...

What size is this canvas? Love it love it! I have 3 little canvases here I'm going to be starting and your is a great inspiration.

Edumentor said...

Leann I love this doodle! Hmmmm....Now I want to doodle too....-teri

morningDove said...

congrats in becoming a fellow traveler in blogland. love the doodles, your time piece - i love the hands of time, very whimsical.
and it seems the bird has opened the cage and begun her journey on the road less traveled. Can't wait to check back in to Imaginarium - very creative.