Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Brand New Blogger

These are a couple pictures from my doodle sampler page.

Created on water color paper with a sharpie.

The subject and journaling is all based on a moment in time.

Expressing that one needs to soar above being a caged bird.

Time goes all too fast.

Appreciating every moment is now something I challenge myself to practice on a daily basis.

Not being consumed with yesterday or intrigued with tomorrow.

All we really have is this moment in time.

So here I am .

wondering where exactly to start.

I guess that's the way it always is....the ever intimidatiting

Big blank white page.

So I start.....

with much encouragement from my soul sisters

I have decided to start this Blog.

A place in which I can display

my work
as a collective whole.

An entity of me.
My Imaginarium.