Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanks for visiting! I have much work that needed posting. I am involved in a couple projects, here is a brief description.
The yellow book - bee hive - a play on words.
The mexico book - Frida & Day of the dead
The Red book - Hand pocket, and zetangle in reds & pink
Simple pleasures book - Dancing
Stenographers book- Coffee break and juke box
Fairy tale book - Go ask Alice

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just amazing!

I found this link on a website - these are seriously amazing!
Huge wooden Marionette's to honor the 20Th anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down.
Check them out, they are inspiring.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where has the summer gone?

Well Hi all.....who knows if anyone even stops in anymore. I have had some issues with making an allotted amount of time to get this written. I have been busy with a round robin that I am currently in, and i have now decided to start up a new one.

The new Round Robin is a group of people whom I have contacted through the yahoo groups that I am involved in. How fun can't wait to start it up....Mid September.

I have forgotten to take photos of the Round Robin I am currently in. I'll have to do that next month. I did an Alice in Wonderland that I had worked on for so long it didn't pop in my eyes any more. BUT, when the ladies saw it......I got many ooh and ahhhhs. So I guess it didn't lose it's impact. I just stared at it for too long.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soul Journal pages

The title of these 2 pages are - permission slip and lost and found pages. Behind the tags I wrote what I had lost and what I found in the process. I posted these to the soul journal site.

These are black and white doodles. I find these to be cathartic. I get into the zone and work it from start to finish. Sometimes they take me a couple hours to create. Providing me with some relaxing me time.

This is ink and gold paint pen, with red shimmer paint pen on top.
My mendala....made with colored pencils.
This was song of the year - by ColdPlay. It holds much signifigance for me. Sometimes I think My Dad speaks to me through music. This song has played in the most interesting of situations. I new it would win song of the year....for some odd reason. I guess It just had to, because it went through so much with me.
I used a really funky rainbow pencil that I bought for my daughter to create the colorful mix of letters.
This is my defining words page. I have many defining words.
This was a page I was just playing with. A reflection of where I am today.

This is my release and receive page. Like my lost and found, I needed to release to receive. It is very cathartic to expell some emotion into the pages of a journal. Instead of holding onto it, It gives the emotion a place to rest - In which you could always go back and acknowledge it existed. It does not have to take space in your head or heart. Let it go and open a door to filling your space with the positive in your life.
This is my dream weaver.....amongst my unlikely threads all my dreams are held near and dear. What is a life well led if one does not follow their heart and their dreams.

Wings & things

My first 2 completed spreads. these were suppose to be about Composition and Design elements. Flow, balance, pattern, opposition, contrast, and repetition. For this book I wanted to use warm tones, and the subject matter is wings and things....hence the title. I generally gravitate to hot colors.....pretty much exclusively reds. Perhaps in the future I will venture out into a sea of blue. I have tried but there is always an element of red in there some where. At least I am totally aware of it. Some how the red makes me feel alive. I decorate in my home the same way. I always accent in red, persimmons, or orange. You wouldn't believe that it would work, but some how it does.
I love polka dots...they make me happy.

These are some wings that I scrafitoed(sp?)
I'm not sure that word is correct. I scratched the paint off before it was dry. It was a pretty thick layer of acrylic paint. The base color is sepia, so it shows nicely through the vanilla that is the top layer.
This is a color wheel I made from magazine images.
This is my first page. I used a pretty scrapbook paper and accented in a lime green.

Fog Magic - Altered book

This is an Altered book I have been working on. The title of the book is Fog magic which is ironically close to going through the grieving process. Into the fog you go....knowing some day you will make it out th other end. It is also going into the fog that is a remeberance that it is unknown where you are headed because you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. When one makes it through the fog it is quite magical to find that you are in a totally different place than you ponce were when you atrted the journey.
This is kind of a scary picture but I love her any way. I love how there is a machine spitting out a paper copy of a heart. It is exactly how one feels when your heart breaks. It is some what outside of yourself.

It's all one can do to get up and function. This page was made months ago. I am doing much better, although I am coming up on the one year annivesary of the start of everything.

She was a queen. Untouchable. A pillar of strength. It is not all that it seems. If only one could look on the inside. Ride in her shoes for a day. Perhaps she is not always as strong as she may appear.....and that if OK.

Japanese inspiration

These two are fun. I don't know what the signifigance is, but I really like this one and the baby Karate boy. Too fun.

My husband was in Japan this last week and took some photos he thought I would like.

I love the black and white, size variation of Japanese writing and the repetition.

A more distant photo than the previous showing the entire dislay at the market. I think It is a great photo.

These are drawing of what I would believe to be men that are the wisest in the culture. Hence the large head. I could be wrong. if anyone knows please fill me in. I do not know enough about the culture but love the art work.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Gosh ~It's been a month since I last blogged in. How time flies. I have actually been working on a lot of new projects and have not posted anything at this point. If any one checks in I just want you to know I'm on it. I'll be back soon to post some new pics.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Journal page. Made with Sharpie paint pens, acrylic paint, and stamps.

Red acrylic wash.
Image transfer on book page.

Tora the tarot girl was made with plack and silver paint pens on blue acrylic.

This page was made with brown acrylic wash.

a book page. Silver duct taping that was etched and used stayz on. As well as

Sharpie paint pens in pink, black and silver .

Vintage clown and hand print over hand print journaled all over.

Acrylic paint pink, blue and cream with Sharpie super fine paint pen.

Image vaselined then painted with acrylic.
Used Sharpie paint pens to create the pink doodles.

vintage image doodled over, stamps, stickers, and acrylic paint.

This is my favorite page......I just love the motion and the people sailing through the air.

Oh, he floats through the air with the greatest of ease,

This daring young man on the flying trapeze;

George Leybourne