Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Journal page. Made with Sharpie paint pens, acrylic paint, and stamps.

Red acrylic wash.
Image transfer on book page.

Tora the tarot girl was made with plack and silver paint pens on blue acrylic.

This page was made with brown acrylic wash.

a book page. Silver duct taping that was etched and used stayz on. As well as

Sharpie paint pens in pink, black and silver .

Vintage clown and hand print over hand print journaled all over.

Acrylic paint pink, blue and cream with Sharpie super fine paint pen.

Image vaselined then painted with acrylic.
Used Sharpie paint pens to create the pink doodles.

vintage image doodled over, stamps, stickers, and acrylic paint.

This is my favorite page......I just love the motion and the people sailing through the air.

Oh, he floats through the air with the greatest of ease,

This daring young man on the flying trapeze;

George Leybourne

Circus, Circus

Well I have finally managed to complete most pages of an altered book I have been working on. I still feel it is not complete, but getting there. I have not yet worked on the outside of the book either, so I still have the covers to attend to.
I will post my images very soon.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Blast from the Past

Sometimes I sit and ponder (for the all of 3 seconds alone I have from my 4yr old daughter and 10 month old son) exactly have I become who I am?

Have I changed through the years into some one?
Could people whom I haven't seen in a while recognize me?

Not an unrecognizable outside self, but my inside self?

Recently I have discovered that some times you have to let people go. They served a purpose for a great long while.....but now it's different. It's a sad occurance to say the least in my mind, but my heart feels so much fuller.

It is completely opposite of what I would have thought. Hanging on is leaving me with an emptyness. As I've started to aknowledge the letting go I begin to feel the wholeness of it all again. It's an interesting concept to say the least, and quite opposite of what I would think to be my path. But I am me and I embrace all gifts and glory that come along with bright eyes and a positive outlook on life.

I'd like to think that everyone can continually grow. Mind, Body, & spirit.....and when you stop learning, exploring and discovering you stop growing.

Have I stopped growing?

Recently a very dear soul whom I crossed paths with many, many years ago has sparked a light in my life again. He reminded me of the person I once was, a part of me that I had forgotten.

He read a small note I had written to him 15 years ago. Something he had recently come across shuffling around a bunch of old stuff.
so to quote myself

" My desire for existence is what will be............All that I make it. "
written April 11, 1994

and to answer my question. Have I changed through out the years?
I clearly have not changed a bit!

Life - it's all about the journey, not a destination.