Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Blast from the Past

Sometimes I sit and ponder (for the all of 3 seconds alone I have from my 4yr old daughter and 10 month old son) exactly have I become who I am?

Have I changed through the years into some one?
Could people whom I haven't seen in a while recognize me?

Not an unrecognizable outside self, but my inside self?

Recently I have discovered that some times you have to let people go. They served a purpose for a great long while.....but now it's different. It's a sad occurance to say the least in my mind, but my heart feels so much fuller.

It is completely opposite of what I would have thought. Hanging on is leaving me with an emptyness. As I've started to aknowledge the letting go I begin to feel the wholeness of it all again. It's an interesting concept to say the least, and quite opposite of what I would think to be my path. But I am me and I embrace all gifts and glory that come along with bright eyes and a positive outlook on life.

I'd like to think that everyone can continually grow. Mind, Body, & spirit.....and when you stop learning, exploring and discovering you stop growing.

Have I stopped growing?

Recently a very dear soul whom I crossed paths with many, many years ago has sparked a light in my life again. He reminded me of the person I once was, a part of me that I had forgotten.

He read a small note I had written to him 15 years ago. Something he had recently come across shuffling around a bunch of old stuff.
so to quote myself

" My desire for existence is what will be............All that I make it. "
written April 11, 1994

and to answer my question. Have I changed through out the years?
I clearly have not changed a bit!

Life - it's all about the journey, not a destination.

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teri said...

That is so fascinating. I really think that who we are underneath doesn't change, our temperament-- but we change in many important ways on the outside, and those things also matter. By the time we are 10 or 12 our personality is essentially formed - but there is an awful lot of refining and polishing that goes on after that. I'm 53 and still changing all the time - and I hope I always will!