Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fog Magic - Altered book

This is an Altered book I have been working on. The title of the book is Fog magic which is ironically close to going through the grieving process. Into the fog you go....knowing some day you will make it out th other end. It is also going into the fog that is a remeberance that it is unknown where you are headed because you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. When one makes it through the fog it is quite magical to find that you are in a totally different place than you ponce were when you atrted the journey.
This is kind of a scary picture but I love her any way. I love how there is a machine spitting out a paper copy of a heart. It is exactly how one feels when your heart breaks. It is some what outside of yourself.

It's all one can do to get up and function. This page was made months ago. I am doing much better, although I am coming up on the one year annivesary of the start of everything.

She was a queen. Untouchable. A pillar of strength. It is not all that it seems. If only one could look on the inside. Ride in her shoes for a day. Perhaps she is not always as strong as she may appear.....and that if OK.

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