Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soul Journal pages

The title of these 2 pages are - permission slip and lost and found pages. Behind the tags I wrote what I had lost and what I found in the process. I posted these to the soul journal site.

These are black and white doodles. I find these to be cathartic. I get into the zone and work it from start to finish. Sometimes they take me a couple hours to create. Providing me with some relaxing me time.

This is ink and gold paint pen, with red shimmer paint pen on top.
My mendala....made with colored pencils.
This was song of the year - by ColdPlay. It holds much signifigance for me. Sometimes I think My Dad speaks to me through music. This song has played in the most interesting of situations. I new it would win song of the year....for some odd reason. I guess It just had to, because it went through so much with me.
I used a really funky rainbow pencil that I bought for my daughter to create the colorful mix of letters.
This is my defining words page. I have many defining words.
This was a page I was just playing with. A reflection of where I am today.

This is my release and receive page. Like my lost and found, I needed to release to receive. It is very cathartic to expell some emotion into the pages of a journal. Instead of holding onto it, It gives the emotion a place to rest - In which you could always go back and acknowledge it existed. It does not have to take space in your head or heart. Let it go and open a door to filling your space with the positive in your life.
This is my dream weaver.....amongst my unlikely threads all my dreams are held near and dear. What is a life well led if one does not follow their heart and their dreams.


Aimeslee said...

Hey girl, sorry I have not been much of a follower of yoursd or anyone's lately. And it is ashamed because you have a treasure trove of eye candy lately! I totally love, dig, and appreciate your stuff. I think I'm gonna be dropping out of the AB101 class - the irritative pressure of being dropped for going slow continues to piss me off and so why have that in your life, particularly when I already know how to make an altered book. I'll just look at the lessons after the class is over. It really irritates me, because I have handicaps and they are not considered at all.....

Judy H in NC said...

Really great pages. Love the doodles. Never thought about doing them in color before.

basia said...

What a wonderful body of artwork! Great to look at your techniques and lyrical meanderings of brush and paint!

femminismo said...

Oh, I see so many glorious things on your pages! Images I treasure - birds - words, like "release" - and the "lost" tags with what you found on the reverse: how cool is that!? The woven strips are beautiful. Makes me want to do one of those again. Journal on, sister! - Jeanne in Oregon

teri said...

Leann these are really terrific. I'm trying to become a better "doodler" though it doesn't tend to be my strength. Yours are truly lovely!

teri said...

Leann, I saw your question about the visioning workshop and 7 Gypsies. Since you already are a "soul sister" ;-) you are almost at the visioning workshop. Go to Kathryn's website. It started this week and the cost is $20 - very reasonable, I thought and people can join at any time. 7 Gypsies is a site that sells things. I just bought a carousel to hold artist trading cards. Stay away from that site if you are on a budget - I'm sorry I went there! xo-teri

ps - loved the pages