Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wings & things

My first 2 completed spreads. these were suppose to be about Composition and Design elements. Flow, balance, pattern, opposition, contrast, and repetition. For this book I wanted to use warm tones, and the subject matter is wings and things....hence the title. I generally gravitate to hot colors.....pretty much exclusively reds. Perhaps in the future I will venture out into a sea of blue. I have tried but there is always an element of red in there some where. At least I am totally aware of it. Some how the red makes me feel alive. I decorate in my home the same way. I always accent in red, persimmons, or orange. You wouldn't believe that it would work, but some how it does.
I love polka dots...they make me happy.

These are some wings that I scrafitoed(sp?)
I'm not sure that word is correct. I scratched the paint off before it was dry. It was a pretty thick layer of acrylic paint. The base color is sepia, so it shows nicely through the vanilla that is the top layer.
This is a color wheel I made from magazine images.
This is my first page. I used a pretty scrapbook paper and accented in a lime green.

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Very nice, Leann. Your color wheel is very unique.