Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where has the summer gone?

Well Hi all.....who knows if anyone even stops in anymore. I have had some issues with making an allotted amount of time to get this written. I have been busy with a round robin that I am currently in, and i have now decided to start up a new one.

The new Round Robin is a group of people whom I have contacted through the yahoo groups that I am involved in. How fun can't wait to start it up....Mid September.

I have forgotten to take photos of the Round Robin I am currently in. I'll have to do that next month. I did an Alice in Wonderland that I had worked on for so long it didn't pop in my eyes any more. BUT, when the ladies saw it......I got many ooh and ahhhhs. So I guess it didn't lose it's impact. I just stared at it for too long.