Friday, December 31, 2010

Project 52 Grand Finale! 2010

Well doesn't this say it all!!!!
As crazy as this year has been I have still found time to meet my goal and to meet my obligation to myself.
I have found that
Setting this goal was a challenge. I actually did not know if I could see this through to the end. There were weeks I doubted myself. At that point I sucked it up.
Did a couple prompts that were easy and not as detailed, but still held meaning. Still got me through my week. Even if I couldn't spend a few hours on them. I hope you have enjoyed following this journey with me. I have enjoyed having you along for the ride. I might even have something in store for 2011.
Many Thanks,

In the beginning there were these daunting white pages,
in the end myy narrow Strathmore water color pages really made a nice book.
Solid paper for gluing, sanding, painting, writing etc.

This is the cover. I love this Suzy Homemaker holding up my project 52. I find it fitting. As we hold it all together on the outside. We all have frustrations, emotions, fears, and many other feelings of worth or less than that run through our veins daily. The crazy part is that they can change that fast, or from week to week. This is my version of me. What I saw, felt or was going through in this year of my life.
New Years is a reflection. I got engaged to the man I have been with for 17 years. In 2011 we will be married 10 years. We also had our first born on this particular evening. Arriving at 2:36 on New Years day. It is a huge day of reflection for me. A start, a beginning, and the path that falls below my feet and leads me on my way every day.
Many thanks for joining me and seeing this through to the end.
I appreciate all the support.
May 2011 bring good health, Happiness, and prosperity to you and yours.
This is the back cover.
Made of the same Strathmore water color paper I used for the entire book.
There was a crease in the page as a fold out but I decided I wanted a larger back cover. I reinforced the other side which you will see later in this post to make a solid back cover.

A little back ground on what this was to accomplish.

Prompt # 52
We all doubt ourselves from time to time. Thinking we are not strong enough to see something through to the end. Whether it be a class, a degree, a relationship,
a promise, an endeavor, a goal,
a life.
Seeing this project through to the end was an aw inspiring accomplishment. I am so very proud of this accomplishment. At times when I doubted myself - I found the courage to tell myself I can make time for this. I can show the good people of my art world that I can keep my word.
Much Success to you on your projects in the New Year!

The second page is the title page. This is a star with my info.....
and the dates of this project.
The 52 was a transfer from a Bloomi's catalog. In all honesty this was THE easiest transfer I have ever done. I used hot water and when I returned to do the rubbing - the back had already detached itself from the numbers. I did a hand drawing as I nearly always do on the floral shaped paper note card.

This is the third and fourth page. It is a CD envelope with 2 pieces inside. One is the history of this and making stuff. The other is in reference to My 52 weeks of prompts. I was unsure about where this project would lead. If even I would accomplish what I set out to do?
I made this page today. It is a beautiful thing to look back on good times and bad and see what came out of ones soul over the course of year. A great time for reflection. The beginning and the end.

These are Outside covers of the finished book. I Did a coptic stitch around ribbon. This was a last minute decision. The book became fatter towards the end with embellishments so I needed to rebind it and figure out covers. I used 2 of the same pages that were at the end of the book in an unused signature. I replaced them as the back and front cover.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Project 52

WEEK #51

Endurance -
We all need a little extra to endure the Holidays. It's like a Marathon around here. That is what I get for having a new Years day baby. We are about mid way through all of our Holiday festivities and birthday stuff.

For page 51- I started with a base of yellow water color. Then I journaled about the necessity of endurance in black gel pen, orange, and sparkly green. I do love my gel pens. I added a bird and two tags. I added a little blue butterfly from my plethora of images to the small tag. The larger tag is a bingo card that was cut down with pinking scissors. I used marker to color in the tag so the 51 stood out. I added ribbon to my tags but decided not to attach permanently. I have a paper clip hold the tags in place.

Stay tuned for #52 - coming in the next week. I am in hopes of having the covers done as well....

Thanks for stopping in & Hope you had Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Project 52

Week 49-
Patience , it seems so hard some times to find it?
How does one lengthen their wick?

week 50- Be nice to yourself.
Sometimes it is so hard to do. We beat ourselves up over so much. When ironically if you put someone else in the same situation you would actually have compassion for that person. Perhaps you'd tell that person not to worry, it's just a phase. We just always seem so critical of ourselves to do everything right. Tod o it faster and better and be happy about it. Just a reminder as we are nearing the New Year.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Project 52

This is the boarder that I have broken down and photographed piece by piece.

Follow along below to build a boarder. Intermix any colors you like and change up your shapes once you get the hang of it.
This is a photo of the beginning. Just simple dots around the boarder with a Dottariffic marker. It has two size tips which helps to make many different size dots. This is one of my favorite products for polka dotting.

next I outlined each dot with a tear drop of brown ink. I then outlined the dots with a ring of red and black as well.

Basic brown tear drop shapes around the red dots. I then linked them together around the boarder.

In the next picture (sorry about the quality) I added faint diamonds between all the tear drops with a black gel pen.

This image is using an red marker to color in the diamond shapes and make stripes. In the open space I added the blue stripes and outlined the curvy edge.

I then added a double loop adjoining the edge of the diamond to the edge of the tear drop, and added blue lines to it.

here is a close up of my shapes. I added a blue to the mix coloring in basic shapes.

final touches.
outlining the boarder with a white pen.
Adding my prayer banner style with the "Let Go" letters. Also adding a bit of color to the background of each letter flag.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Project 52

Oh have I been a busy bird!
Nov 19th I hosted an artisan party with 7 vendors. The turn out was better than expected...... 60 girls showed up - Dang! a great time was had by all.
Then less than 7 days later We hosted 28 for Thanksgiving. The 99" island sure did come in handy for our buffet. I have still managed to keep up with my project 52 in the process.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
I am so very Thankful for my family, friends, and my art community. Without all the help, love, and support none would be worth while. That's me in the front smiling at the camera. So happy everything is out and servin' it up with everything cooked to perfection.

#45Anticipation took center stage.
I wrote a bunch of stuff on the stage in light blue with cryptic handwriting - Pretty much illegible, and I'm OK with that.
Holidays. Some really have issues with Holidays. Even the thought of them brings on such anxiety it is unbearable for some. Be brave and be a delight to those around you. You are amazing and should be shared, cared for and loved.

Age is just a number. you are only as old as you feel. I started a work out regimen in August. I have lost 11 pounds to date and feel great. It takes motivation everyday but seeing results is a great thing. I don't have a goal in mind or size. I just wanted something to do for me everyday. It makes me feel good. It wasn't my birthday and I'm not 46. The prompt just came to me out of the blue.

#47 Flourish

I love the look of flourishes - wispy and elegant. It's also a metaphor for finding ones way. Growing out of the old and into the new in reference to the year.
Here is the book open with pages exposed. I am happy how it is developing into it's own entity. It is interesting how once it is finished it will be a blip in time. A whole year of my life sectioned into 52 weeks of events that made me ponder a thought.....a event.....a emotion. It has been an interesting project and it's strange to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is the next page at it's start. I thought it would be good to do a doodle page and show start to finish. This is the very beginning. I Placed my number in the corner with a marker. I always choose a different spot to put the number. that way there is always movement on the page from the previous page. The base is water color of lavender and pink.