Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project 52

Project 52 is getting some color.
Here is my mission statement for the project.

All too often we walk through life with out being present. In 2010 I am making an effort to merge my art with my being. To find purpose and feeling in life and in all that I do.
I started this piece after I centered myself. I spent a half hour of me time doing yoga and finding my light, I then took ten minutes of meditation to just be, I then started doodling. This is a piece that honors the paisley. I love all things pink and gravitate to jewel tones. I also find anything Indonesian inspiring. My work varies as you can see in past posts, just having fun enjoying the process.

I am not necessarily a religious person, but this year I vow to be more spiritual. Find my spirit and let it sing, fine tune my being and listen to my body and mind. We all shut ourselves off to us. We are to, family, kids. This year I am limiting my unnecessary obligations in life and giving the extra time where I need it most.

My opening page to project 52 is a mission statement tucked into an envelope to remind me what the object of this all is.
My doodle is plum fine line sharpie. I highlighted the doodles in a turquoise blue pen.
My statement is "Live today with a purpose". A reminder to walk through it with strength and dedication so nothing passes me by.

Hopefully you will find this project inspiring and join me in making "Me" time for yourself as well. Sit, ponder and enjoy dwelling on the fine things in life while centering your energy and creating an opening in your mind, alter, paint, or journal from your light.
If not for hours on end.....make ten minutes a week. You will be all the more empowered from it.



Tammy Freiborg said...

Love the colors, doodle, and always love things that open and pockets with treasures! May your spirit soar this year!

the GyPsY said...

I'm here from Soul Journaling. Great pages, so vibrant and colourful. Happy 52'ing! Show us as you go along.

Lizbethem said...

You go, girl! I shall follow your blog with interest. I love paisley and pinky-purple colours, too!

LisaC said...

What a wonderful project. And your paisley is beautiful! I look forward to seeing your journey.