Monday, January 11, 2010

Project Fifty-two is well on it's way.
Here is a photo of the paper I used. I have yet to construct the book by sewing it all together but that will be my next goal. This project is to devote time to create one section of this book each week. The first couple prompts are constructing the book itself.
Here is the paper in it's folding stage. This was long narrow Strathmore watercolor paper. I folded each piece in a different way so there are small and large pages, and there are pieces that fold in and out. Making for an interesting book to start. There are no rules. Just a little me time to focus on centering myself through my work on a weekly basis.

Please join me in doing the prompts and work, or just check in on my progress and let me know what you think. Thanks.


Lindart said...

Sounds like a great challenge! I will be dropping by to see how things are going and perhaps joining you!

Janet ak.a. swanlady21 said...

What a wonderful idea. Love the fact that you're making the book too. Do you have a binding punch that makes those holes?

Leann said...

To answer swan lady21 - (I didn't know how to send you and e-mail)
I do not have a binding punch. I will be hand sewing the old fashioned way. Also adding book board as the cover and back.
I have to figure out which binding technique I will be using? Maybe a coptic stitch binding. The book is rather thick to start because of the weight of the paper.

chocolatelifeandjazz said...

l too make my own books, gives you so much more scope to how you work. Can't wait to see how you goxgood luck. lynd
ps. you will be posting every that right? Don't want to miss all your hard workxlynda

rikae said...

love your work....will be joining U.

Janet Ghio said...

Your book looks really interesting and your idea also. I also looked at some of your other art and being ahughe Frida Kahlo fan-your Frida book looks great. Will be interested to follow your progress on Project 52!

loriidae said...

Hi Leann
I have completed my mission statement.
Janet B.