Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project Fifty-two - New Beginnings!

Happy New Year! Wow, 2010!
What does it have in store for us all?
I believe a New decade deserves new intentions. Over the Christmas break I watched Julie and Julia. I found it inspirational to set out on a quest to accomplish something so grand.
My recipe for life is art at this point. In the midst of raising very small children, I cannot take on an immense undertaking as a daily project would have on my time, but I decided a weekly project and prompt was just the thing.
So on my new and enlightening path in 2010, I bring you.......
PROJECT: Fifty-Two
Weekly journaling and altered pages with a purpose to come every Sunday. Please feel free to join in on the prompts and leave me feed back. I thought this would be an interesting mission if I could get some people to join me. The great thing is it is absolutely free!

Week 1 - Mission statement.


chocolatelifeandjazz said...

Hi, just found your site and love your work. I too love bright vibrant colours. l set myself several challenges for this year too.
1. To complete at least 2 creative journalling pages a week.
2. To keep up my "image a day' blogspot site.
3. To try and do some art every day!
Good luck with your sunday journalling. I am looking forward to keeping you company on your journalling blog. x lynda

loriidae said...

Leann, I'm in, a journal page a week seems reachable, several people I know are doing a drawing a day, they started July last year and I elected not to join in as I knew I would take all day worrying about composition and by the end of the day have achieved nothing
Janet B. (soul journaling)