Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project 52 - week #5

It would make sense that my daughter Evey (our New Years Eve-Y) would insist on being in this post. She felt she needed to represent because this weeks number is 5. She turned 5 on January 1st this year. She thinks my art work is AMAZING, and clearly my biggest fan. She gives me the courage to do what I do best. She is also learning many skills at a very early age which I think is wonderful. She often tells me that Preschool art is so boring. We have way better supplies at home!
Enough about my little munchkin.............

This weeks entry
is a play on last weeks "CATCH".
This week is

Release........and grow where you are planted.
I used paint markers, sharpies, fabric, vintage ribbon, brads, eye lits, Safety pin, note cards, book pages, ink and stamps.

The middle section is a match book style card, which I concealed small tags inside. They read Interior peace of mind. The colors and textures are made of ink, masks, and stamps they create nice layers.

The clock on the front side of the match book - which is actually the backside is representative of the time it takes for change. For some it is so very easy.....for others it takes years to let things go. Once one comes to an agreement with themselves acknowledging that letting something go, actually makes room for something else to come your way.......... It's all in a matter of time.

Person, Place or thing.....we all have skins we can shed.

The button brads and pins are holding the back card in place. there is a vintage ribbon holding together the matchbook, a vintage pin with the word findings etched into it hold the round tag with bird feet to the ribbon bow.


Cynthia said...

Blue tree is a hoot! Love everything the colors, the play, the pocket. Your daughter is a sweetie and what a great support and companion to your artmaking. You are blessed.

The Reclusive Goddess said...

Great page! I love the colors and the border. It looks so simple when you look at it closely, but I've tried making borders like that several times, and mine have never come out looking as good as yours does! Beautiful! Fran from Soul Journaling

Lizbethem said...

Lovely art, Leann!

LisaC said...

It's beautiful Leann. The colors are so happy and bright. Just what we need while everything outside is stark white! Your little munchkin is very cute... I think we spoil them with our abundance of art supplies!

Leann said...

So True about the spoiling Lisa. Regular art supplies just don't cut it anymore.

Leann said...

Thanks for all of you checking in and giving me feed back. It is so encouraging to have the connection.
Deep gratitude,

Thinkie said...