Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project 52 - week #6

Happy Valentine's day! This weeks prompt has to do with the Game of Love. It is a spinner love game with six positions.....representing the 6th week.

Although I am lucky in love, some are not as fortunate. I have a few wonderful girlfriends that claim they might have "broken pickers". This weeks prompt is for them.
The Game of Love:
#1 : Tru Love
#2 : Happily ever after
#3 : Forever chasing Love
#4 : Love is Alien to me ( like the alien love God?)
#5 : Brief Passionate love
#6 : Love is a 4 letter word

When my Husband played he spun "Love is alien to me" Totally not fitting for him, but we had a good laugh. He really liked the quality of my spinner.

I felt I could run the risk of a non traditional Valentine in my own book.
I am doing a more traditional Valentine for the letter "L" in an alphabet book for a round robin.
I'll post that when it is finished. That needs to be in the mail Monday so I gotta get crackin'.

Have a wonderful Week!


Serra55 said...


How ever did you do this? I'd love some quick lessons, if you have the time.

Sally B.

Janet Ghio said...

Wonderful page! Love the spinner!

the GyPsY said...

Wow, this is really stunning! I love the spinner, too. Fabulous

arlene said...

I luv your page! you have done incredible work...congrats...

Ariana said...

I, too, would love to see some lessons!! Your work is VERY cool. Like advanced doodling that comes out to this amazing art. Magical.

LisaC said...

Leann, I love your valentine! It sounds like it's good for a LOT of laughs but the work is gorgeous too... dark and mysterious :-)