Monday, February 22, 2010

Project 52 - week #7

Project52 week #7
This weeks prompt is:
If you had wings, Where would your wings take you?
Another time, Another place?
Future, past, present, location?
To see some one who has passed on, to see some one who has not yet arrived?

I jotted all my journaling under the prompt to conceal it a bit. Most all of it has to do with seeing my father one last time. this week has been hard? Not quite sure why? he has been gone now 19 months but just seems so strange to me. My brain says let it all go in a logical way, but my heart just holds on. My wings would take me to a place where I could hear his voice one last time. I could see his smile and hear him laugh at his own joke. Hear how he used to close the door and jingle his keys. those little sounds i heard for 34 years of my life are priceless to me.

The tag is cut in half and reads only half of the saying Lucky No. seven.
Having wings for a day would be lucky, but the half tag represents Half that created me being gone. On the back of the tag wings is written over a personal message of my loss.

I miss him dearly and this was what this prompt was about for me. If I could, I'd borrow some angels wings just for a moment I would transport myself to him.

I will do prompt 8 over the red and Black on the right side of the spread. the right set of wings will be incorporated into that.

This next spread is one I did for the Round Robin I am in. This was for an alphabet book. I did the letter L, and Valentin's day gave me some inspiration. Love, Live, Laugh, learn. All very important elements to get me through day to day.


Lorna said...

Leann - Your "wings" page is beautiful and the sentiment made me cry! How fortunate you were to have a Dad you could feel that way about. How does one join the 52 week challenge? Thanks for sharing. Lorna

loriidae said...

Hi Leann, gorgeous wings spread...I have finally posted the last couple of weeks pages...I have not deserted you..just a slack poster..Janet