Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring in my step!

Well Bloggers! Spring is beginning to pop here close to Chi-town and I have become a slacker! I am fully aware of it! I have been working - just not spending the extra hours blogging about my progress. Still check in here and there. Project 52 is still a go.....I am just finding with a 5 yr old and 2 yr old "part Monkey" of a boy I can't get as much done.

When they want out- we go out. That is a done deal.
Here is a pic of the two that take me away from my blogging chores. These two devious little characters have been puddle jumping, mud slinging, hiking, singing, bike riding, Hula hooping and
and just plainly enjoying their youth, and the beginning of the 4 months that we will have nice here in the Midwest.

Here are the other pieces I have been working on. This pic is a shrine of Frida. I love Frida. This was a spread I did for a round robin I am in. This book is entitled Interesting woman, with a thread of purple. this is what i came up with.

the wings are scrapbook paper with beaded gel medium over the top and colored pencil to give it texture. I used gold stickles to outline the wings.
i used embroidery floss to make the tag the wings are holding. i used super tacky tape and then embossed over the top to give it a leathery look. Same with the doors, with the exception that i used blue embossing powder instead of brown.
I used buttons for the doors and a lovely piece of purple paper that Dawn sent me in her unloading.

The next two spreads are project 52 - #10 & #11

#10 - is a huge clock. I masked off the area and used a sponge to apply the ink. It gave it a washed look. I wrote over the top what time means to me. This was a rushed spread. "Not a lot of time" should have been my theme. ;-)

#11 - is top secret. Everyone has a secret they hold near and dear. Those things you could never tell a soul. Like those Leopard print shoes really make your blood pump, or you are really prod of yourself.....or how about the crush you have on the UPS guy.....you know those little secrets you never do a thing about. You just feel special knowing that they are there and they are yours, and your only. Well this spread is top secret. Let yourself know a little something that you sometimes forget. Give yourself a little love that nobody else has to know about.

that's all for now. It's 61 today so I need to go outside and play.
Thanks for stopping bye,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project 52 - weeks 8 & 9

Week 8 - Hide & seek
What have you created to hide behind?

Your Hair?
Your shades?
your body?
Your body art?
Your skinny?
Your weight?
your muscle?
your mouth?
your emotion?
your suit?
Your scars?

Some times people create barriers so people can't get in. This is a way of protecting ourselves, completely unaware that we create these exteriors. We are also unaware that if we seek the truth, we would find this out.

If you come out of hiding and seek the truth would it open a door you have been waiting on......

I did a bunch of inchies with Red acrylic spread over them so they look like film strips - They remind me of a Dark room with red light on.

Week 9 features nine lives.

If you had nine lives which number would you be on?
How much time would you have left in this one?

For me this one has just started. I am probably on my 4th.
I don't necessarily think one has to have a near death experience to move through one of their lives. I believe that it is all experience. Some life altering thing must happen to have you move on to the next.

It's all about new beginnings. if you were given 9 which one would you be on?

I created this image starting with the water colored base.
I then added some acrylic shine medium and a smaller piece of Japanese rice paper. On top of that I added green acrylic paint dots. I did this by using a piece of card stock with holes in it. I pushed the green acrylic paint through the holes with a putty knife.
I then added the hour glass image. I cut that out of a magazine and painted the glass black.
Added the white sand falling through the hour glass with white gel pen.
I liked how it turned out.
Hope you enjoy it.