Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer fun!

I am back from my Brief Summer hiatus. My little Man hid the camera on me. I assumed it would eventually turn up but didn't. I finally sucked it up and bought a new one and sure enough the other original one we had turned up in the basement in a cooler no less? Bizarre how things get moved around and show up in the most unlikely places.

Needless to say I have a back log of work to post so I am starting with a piece that I really enjoyed creating. I love pushing the envelope.....a pun there is totally intended.

Here is a piece that is in progress. It is a fold out book made of envelopes. It was constructed by overlapping the adhesive flaps so it could fold out into many little pockets. It is a treasure to discover all the goodies as it is unfolded.
I still have to do the covers, back and some sort of latch.
Hope you enjoy!


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Lois Maher said...

Leann, your book is wonderful! I wandered over to your blog from the Yahoo Altered Books Group and I really enjoyed all the pics showing how your book opens up.. Very clever and creative.