Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a window into the green eye

Or something like that!
I have an on going project as it always seems that I do. This particular group meets once a month. Last year we did a typical Round Robin. This time around we have chosen to keep our own books and a different person hosts a prompt each month. At first I thought it was going to be verbal or written - much to my liking we decided to use image. This way all 10 of us get the same image and we meet the following month to see what has been done with them. It has been an interesting project with some serendipitous moments. Sometimes a few of us come up with similar ideas. other times it is incredible how many ideas have come from the same image. here is a look into mine. I have green eyes so I put one of the prompts in the window as you might be seeing through my eyes. I have yet to title the book but was thinking along those lines.

the first prompt we decided we would all bring an item. we all had the same 10 items to work with. I used these eyeball party glasses for the cover.
I did the opposite side covered in yellow pages eye and optometry listings.
I did the magic pineapple page, because i just didn't know what else to do with the pineapple.
Tiki drink umbrellas, Garden sculpture, Fairies, music sheets, and paper dolls have been host to the theme. it is hard to make the book cohesive because of all the different things that come to mind from the prompts, but I like how it is coming out none the less.
Next months prompt was mine.
I still have yet to complete it. I used sticky note flags in different colors and a paper petal envelope. i'll post once that's done.

As for project 52 - still on it's way....Just finished up a few spreads and have yet to take pictures and post. that seems to be my biggest challenge.
taking the photos and uploading. I really dread that part.
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Elizabeth Golden said...

What a wonderful book! Each and every page. I love the idea of the prompts your group is using. I think I will suggest this to the local group I meet with. I really like the idea of everyone using the same image and then go from there. Your eye page is fantastic.

Lizbethem said...

Super book!