Monday, November 29, 2010

Project 52

This is the boarder that I have broken down and photographed piece by piece.

Follow along below to build a boarder. Intermix any colors you like and change up your shapes once you get the hang of it.
This is a photo of the beginning. Just simple dots around the boarder with a Dottariffic marker. It has two size tips which helps to make many different size dots. This is one of my favorite products for polka dotting.

next I outlined each dot with a tear drop of brown ink. I then outlined the dots with a ring of red and black as well.

Basic brown tear drop shapes around the red dots. I then linked them together around the boarder.

In the next picture (sorry about the quality) I added faint diamonds between all the tear drops with a black gel pen.

This image is using an red marker to color in the diamond shapes and make stripes. In the open space I added the blue stripes and outlined the curvy edge.

I then added a double loop adjoining the edge of the diamond to the edge of the tear drop, and added blue lines to it.

here is a close up of my shapes. I added a blue to the mix coloring in basic shapes.

final touches.
outlining the boarder with a white pen.
Adding my prayer banner style with the "Let Go" letters. Also adding a bit of color to the background of each letter flag.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Project 52

Oh have I been a busy bird!
Nov 19th I hosted an artisan party with 7 vendors. The turn out was better than expected...... 60 girls showed up - Dang! a great time was had by all.
Then less than 7 days later We hosted 28 for Thanksgiving. The 99" island sure did come in handy for our buffet. I have still managed to keep up with my project 52 in the process.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
I am so very Thankful for my family, friends, and my art community. Without all the help, love, and support none would be worth while. That's me in the front smiling at the camera. So happy everything is out and servin' it up with everything cooked to perfection.

#45Anticipation took center stage.
I wrote a bunch of stuff on the stage in light blue with cryptic handwriting - Pretty much illegible, and I'm OK with that.
Holidays. Some really have issues with Holidays. Even the thought of them brings on such anxiety it is unbearable for some. Be brave and be a delight to those around you. You are amazing and should be shared, cared for and loved.

Age is just a number. you are only as old as you feel. I started a work out regimen in August. I have lost 11 pounds to date and feel great. It takes motivation everyday but seeing results is a great thing. I don't have a goal in mind or size. I just wanted something to do for me everyday. It makes me feel good. It wasn't my birthday and I'm not 46. The prompt just came to me out of the blue.

#47 Flourish

I love the look of flourishes - wispy and elegant. It's also a metaphor for finding ones way. Growing out of the old and into the new in reference to the year.
Here is the book open with pages exposed. I am happy how it is developing into it's own entity. It is interesting how once it is finished it will be a blip in time. A whole year of my life sectioned into 52 weeks of events that made me ponder a thought.....a event.....a emotion. It has been an interesting project and it's strange to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is the next page at it's start. I thought it would be good to do a doodle page and show start to finish. This is the very beginning. I Placed my number in the corner with a marker. I always choose a different spot to put the number. that way there is always movement on the page from the previous page. The base is water color of lavender and pink.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Project 52 (40-43)

Project 52

# 40 Burden - all the things that burden us. We all have lists. It is part of life, write it away and be done with it.

#41 A cross road - We have all been in a place in which we had to make hard decisions. Sometimes we feel the the repercussions of it for a while after making one. Self doubt or our own unsureness can enter into our minds and then the what if's start popping up. This post is about knowing yourself. In your heart of hearts you know what is best for your being. Hard choices are a part of path and our personal journey. Embrace them.

#42 Random - I highlighted color that was already on the page. When I did this it looked random to me. Like two individuals colliding and sparking a bond. We float like ameba's in this world colliding with others throughout our lifetime. I love the randomness of it all.

#43 Branch out - on these limbs are little encouraging thoughts. How to move forward when something has rocked your world. Like a tree you start off not knowing exactly where you'll end up. You just continue to grow. As you grow taller and the more sturdy your branches become the deeper your roots grow. The foundation of your being is where you are planted. Like any tree if a big storm comes through it may rip your roots apart and you may tumble. The great thing about this is the ability to start over. The little seed you plant that begins to create a new foundation for one to grow upon.