Friday, November 12, 2010

Project 52 (40-43)

Project 52

# 40 Burden - all the things that burden us. We all have lists. It is part of life, write it away and be done with it.

#41 A cross road - We have all been in a place in which we had to make hard decisions. Sometimes we feel the the repercussions of it for a while after making one. Self doubt or our own unsureness can enter into our minds and then the what if's start popping up. This post is about knowing yourself. In your heart of hearts you know what is best for your being. Hard choices are a part of path and our personal journey. Embrace them.

#42 Random - I highlighted color that was already on the page. When I did this it looked random to me. Like two individuals colliding and sparking a bond. We float like ameba's in this world colliding with others throughout our lifetime. I love the randomness of it all.

#43 Branch out - on these limbs are little encouraging thoughts. How to move forward when something has rocked your world. Like a tree you start off not knowing exactly where you'll end up. You just continue to grow. As you grow taller and the more sturdy your branches become the deeper your roots grow. The foundation of your being is where you are planted. Like any tree if a big storm comes through it may rip your roots apart and you may tumble. The great thing about this is the ability to start over. The little seed you plant that begins to create a new foundation for one to grow upon.

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