Monday, November 29, 2010

Project 52

This is the boarder that I have broken down and photographed piece by piece.

Follow along below to build a boarder. Intermix any colors you like and change up your shapes once you get the hang of it.
This is a photo of the beginning. Just simple dots around the boarder with a Dottariffic marker. It has two size tips which helps to make many different size dots. This is one of my favorite products for polka dotting.

next I outlined each dot with a tear drop of brown ink. I then outlined the dots with a ring of red and black as well.

Basic brown tear drop shapes around the red dots. I then linked them together around the boarder.

In the next picture (sorry about the quality) I added faint diamonds between all the tear drops with a black gel pen.

This image is using an red marker to color in the diamond shapes and make stripes. In the open space I added the blue stripes and outlined the curvy edge.

I then added a double loop adjoining the edge of the diamond to the edge of the tear drop, and added blue lines to it.

here is a close up of my shapes. I added a blue to the mix coloring in basic shapes.

final touches.
outlining the boarder with a white pen.
Adding my prayer banner style with the "Let Go" letters. Also adding a bit of color to the background of each letter flag.


donna!ee said...

love love lovely boarder...thank you MUCH for the step be step ;)

Mousie/Paisible/Sarah said...

great work and very clear explanation ! thank you

Coleen said...

Love your border ideas. Hmmmm!

Coleen in Ukraine