Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Project 52

Week 49-
Patience , it seems so hard some times to find it?
How does one lengthen their wick?

week 50- Be nice to yourself.
Sometimes it is so hard to do. We beat ourselves up over so much. When ironically if you put someone else in the same situation you would actually have compassion for that person. Perhaps you'd tell that person not to worry, it's just a phase. We just always seem so critical of ourselves to do everything right. Tod o it faster and better and be happy about it. Just a reminder as we are nearing the New Year.

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Coleen said...

Found you via AB site Leann. These are lovely. I"m following you now and would love it if you followed me back. That helps me stay in touch and not lose track.
Merry Christmas, Coleen in Ukraine