Sunday, December 26, 2010

Project 52

WEEK #51

Endurance -
We all need a little extra to endure the Holidays. It's like a Marathon around here. That is what I get for having a new Years day baby. We are about mid way through all of our Holiday festivities and birthday stuff.

For page 51- I started with a base of yellow water color. Then I journaled about the necessity of endurance in black gel pen, orange, and sparkly green. I do love my gel pens. I added a bird and two tags. I added a little blue butterfly from my plethora of images to the small tag. The larger tag is a bingo card that was cut down with pinking scissors. I used marker to color in the tag so the 51 stood out. I added ribbon to my tags but decided not to attach permanently. I have a paper clip hold the tags in place.

Stay tuned for #52 - coming in the next week. I am in hopes of having the covers done as well....

Thanks for stopping in & Hope you had Happy Holidays!

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Pat said...

You are awesome!