Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project 52 - week #4

This weeks prompt is catch!
At times we are caged birds hanging in the midst of something. We need to acknowledge that we need not be these domesticated birds that are all caught up. Instead why don't we give ourselves the chance to take flight.

On the right side written in blue very reads " Find what you get caught up in......"

The tree is layered ink, gel pen, marker and sharpies.
The bird cages are a really cool vellum that i had located that is transparent. I love that they are hot pink.
The 4 birds are representative of my immediate loves. the three other caged birds I live with.

have fun.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project 52 - Week # 3

Week Three and getting my Groove on!
Be your biggest cheerleader and find some spirit to scream about.

SPIRIT....Where to find it?
Your breath, your being......Looking for it, feeling it, and finding it? Where do we start? So many of us don't even notice it is missing?
So many of us get lost in the thick of it..........IT, WHAT IS " IT "?

" IT "- I have figured out is only time. Although it feels at if it never stands still and we have a ton of it. That is not particularly true. At some point our time will be up, being present in the "NOW" is what will get us through. Finding yourself and your being is where we'll find the strength.

So in this, find your Spirit, The Soul, in distinction from the body in which it resides.
You will soar.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 52 - 2nd spread

Page # 2-

This prompt is labeled MOTION.
Much needed in everyones life not to just stand still or stagnate. Motion is needed in everything. The Earth never stops spinning, water constantly has a current. Unless there is no life force in the being there is constant motion. In this I have decided......
Motion, Movement, Momentum.....they are all much needed for me to fulfill this project. Week two in color.
The writing is a bit doodled over but reads -

" What is Today Will Not Be Tomorrow."

Meaning- Success is only granted by those that are seekers.
One must move towards it's goal, for the goal will not fall into ones lap otherwise.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Round Robin page

Here is a spread I did for a "Nature"book that is part of a national Round Robin that I have compiled through my yahoo groups. It is a really interesting project. 8 gals total. Each in a different state....we mail book once a month. There is a separate blog for that if interested.
(lets see if that link works....I am so bad at that!)
(Totally computer challenged I tell ya!)

Love the way it turned out.
The flowers are .....
1. Base is a rub on.
2. Second and third layer is book pages cut out with deckle scissors and edged with ink. I also crinkled the pages into tiny balls first. Then re-flattened them out to create the 3D effect.
3. Fourth layer is buttons.
Fifth layer is little jewels
4. I drew in the stems with my favorite fine line plum sharpie.

The butterfly is 3D.
1. First layer I cut out and glued down.
2. Second layer I cut out and only glued down the body and lifted the wings.

Background is ink rubbed on straight from the pad.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project 52

Project 52 is getting some color.
Here is my mission statement for the project.

All too often we walk through life with out being present. In 2010 I am making an effort to merge my art with my being. To find purpose and feeling in life and in all that I do.
I started this piece after I centered myself. I spent a half hour of me time doing yoga and finding my light, I then took ten minutes of meditation to just be, I then started doodling. This is a piece that honors the paisley. I love all things pink and gravitate to jewel tones. I also find anything Indonesian inspiring. My work varies as you can see in past posts, just having fun enjoying the process.

I am not necessarily a religious person, but this year I vow to be more spiritual. Find my spirit and let it sing, fine tune my being and listen to my body and mind. We all shut ourselves off to us. We are to, family, kids. This year I am limiting my unnecessary obligations in life and giving the extra time where I need it most.

My opening page to project 52 is a mission statement tucked into an envelope to remind me what the object of this all is.
My doodle is plum fine line sharpie. I highlighted the doodles in a turquoise blue pen.
My statement is "Live today with a purpose". A reminder to walk through it with strength and dedication so nothing passes me by.

Hopefully you will find this project inspiring and join me in making "Me" time for yourself as well. Sit, ponder and enjoy dwelling on the fine things in life while centering your energy and creating an opening in your mind, alter, paint, or journal from your light.
If not for hours on end.....make ten minutes a week. You will be all the more empowered from it.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Project Fifty-two is well on it's way.
Here is a photo of the paper I used. I have yet to construct the book by sewing it all together but that will be my next goal. This project is to devote time to create one section of this book each week. The first couple prompts are constructing the book itself.
Here is the paper in it's folding stage. This was long narrow Strathmore watercolor paper. I folded each piece in a different way so there are small and large pages, and there are pieces that fold in and out. Making for an interesting book to start. There are no rules. Just a little me time to focus on centering myself through my work on a weekly basis.

Please join me in doing the prompts and work, or just check in on my progress and let me know what you think. Thanks.

Project Fifty-two

Here is the paper folded ready for binding. I used water color in yellow, peach, violet, and green. The colors are vibrant and citrus-y just the way I like them. I left some of the perforated edges because I liked the unrefined look of it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project Fifty-two - New Beginnings!

Happy New Year! Wow, 2010!
What does it have in store for us all?
I believe a New decade deserves new intentions. Over the Christmas break I watched Julie and Julia. I found it inspirational to set out on a quest to accomplish something so grand.
My recipe for life is art at this point. In the midst of raising very small children, I cannot take on an immense undertaking as a daily project would have on my time, but I decided a weekly project and prompt was just the thing.
So on my new and enlightening path in 2010, I bring you.......
PROJECT: Fifty-Two
Weekly journaling and altered pages with a purpose to come every Sunday. Please feel free to join in on the prompts and leave me feed back. I thought this would be an interesting mission if I could get some people to join me. The great thing is it is absolutely free!

Week 1 - Mission statement.