Sunday, March 20, 2011

truth cards - fat book

These are truth cards for a truth card exchange. They are being made into a 4x4 inch fat book. I am pretty excited to send them off. I did the front and back side to the 4x4 card, and added a tag. The front says "embrace the unexpected miracles". The back says "enjoy yourself, you are a wonderful being". The tag has a birds nest on it which say "you are safe within your nest" and has my artist info on the back. I think they're lovely and hope the recipients enjoy getting them.


Flyover Pilgrim said...

These are wonderful, Brave Girl!

Sue said...

Leann, I feel so blessed that you have lovingly and willingly shared this beautiful part of your soul. The art an your blog is lovely and I will definitely be back to watch as you grow and create. Just beautiful Brave Girl : )


Sue (fellow BG SR1)

Lynda said...

These are neat! What a great exchange project.

Gladys said...

Love the all!


moonswings said...

Hi Leann! I found your blog through the new Blog group at Brave Girls. Looking forward to getting to know you! :-)
(Journaling about my current sugar & caffeine detox at