Monday, April 18, 2011

Anything is a canvas

I apologized to a very good friend for not getting their wedding gift out to them. We were unable to make it to their destination wedding and lacked mailing a check with the RSVP. Which I should always do because then I flake. I ran into the happy couple at a party and apologized profusely, said it was on my mind and I'd get it out to them. Very deviously my friend said he didn't mind....." especially if it was hand made.......???"
Hmmmm I thought. Well that's harder than writing a check. Being an altered artist I have always worked small. I decided to go big and see what came of it and I LOVE IT! The photo really doesn't do justice to the colors but you get the idea. They are much brighter and citrus -y
in person. At this party He had mentioned secretly that they had a honeymoon baby on the way. How exciting! The egg, #3, and and tiny miracles all reference that.

It was made from a piece of cardboard that came to me in shipping. The cardboard is about and inch thick. Two pieces with some paces between. I thought it would make a great light weight canvas.
The first photo you can see the gold
the second photo you can see the color better
the third is their fortune.

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dawnchrist said...

Wow, Leann, that canvas is freaking amazing! I'm sure the lucky couple will be thrilled with it - the colors might not be true in the photo - I adore them anyway. Beautiful work!

KatsKrops said...

Leann this is simply beautiful! What an amazing gift the phrase at the bottom....perfect. <3

Whispers and Wishes said...

Leann, that's beautiful

Cathy said...

What a great gift. It is very lovely.

dawn13 said...

Just wanted to tell you how beautiful your canvas is, your friends will treasure it.You did a wonderful job Leann,I Love It.

Bec Clarke said...

Just lovely as always!!!

basia said...

Quite beautiful and unique.... just plain awesome!