Friday, July 15, 2011


Finally the good Fortune book is COMPLETE! This was an artist collaborative put on by the LaGrange Art League. The title of the project is "Make Your Mark". I am grateful for all the artists that contributed their work, and the enthusiasm everyone brought to this project. All artists are credited below. The only requirement for this project was to use a fortune from a cookie.

The background of this project is very personal to me. My Dad was diagnosed in early April 2008 with terminal Pancreatic Cancer. One night in June that year we had Chinese food, as we always did on Fridays while growing up. At the end of the meal I asked my dad if he wanted a cookie? He was to tired and said "why don't you pick me a good one."

we all took fortunes, opened and ate them. We left two for my Dad. While cat napping I opened a cookie.......It was empty.
I opened the second cookie, it too was empty. When my Dad woke he asked "if it was a good one?"
I said "yes, you'll Have good health always." Which is actually the fortune I opened for myself.
He said "I sure hope so."
I always felt a bit guilty about fibbing. I KNOW it was a good fib......a loving fib. Guilt has gotten me non the less. That was the last time I ate Chinese food with my Dad. He passed in July 2008, after a 12 week fight.

So this book is for him, and all the others that need good fortune passed their way. May life, love, and wellness be with you today, tomorrow, and always.

Be kind.
Life is to short not to be.

Bursting with personality this book really turned out nice. Thanks for all the hard work.

All these pages were done by me. They are the beginning of the book. An artist statement and reason for this theme is in the envelope on the left. The right has hand made paper and a little three dimensional pop-up.

Table of contents and the year is written on the tag on the right.

This was a quick fill in page.
Jules Smith
Quick fill in by me.

This was created by me. I started it back in October and finished it last week. feels great to get this all done.

Embrace your feminine side.
I love the retro art.
By me.

I did this as well. Another quick simple fill in.
Carol McAdams

Cynthia powell. Don't miss the three dimensional paper pulp sculpture of a dragon fly in white.....
it is a nice touch.

Melissa d'Ouville
Tom Heie

Evey d'Ouville
Mary Hicks....

I did this as a fill in page.

Linda d'Ouville

Carol Sebian


Trine Pettigrew

Tawana, and Loren Crane are the artists that created the next three pages.

I created this page.

This is the last page. There were quite a few left so I created a niche and out the tag wings, heart, and clock handle inside of it.
This is the back cover showing how t read the lines on a palm.

This little stinker was trying to get in my pics.


Trine said...

Hi Leann. Looks Good! Congratulations. What happens to your book now? Thank you for letting me be part of your project. "Be the Change you Wish to see in The World...."-gandhi Love Trine

breakmydreams said...

Very pretty :) Congrats on your book :) You all did a GREAT job :)