Sunday, September 18, 2011

When the unexpected get's in the way........

SO, What's the reason I have been absent, you ask?.................

What a ride the last month and a half has been. I went in for a bunionectomy on Aug 3rd. My silly self thought all would go well, I guess because I am in good health and 37 years young. I wasn't even having reconstructive surgery....meaning no pins or screws...... No Hardware, as they call it.
I am currently a mess. I have had daily wound care for 45 days straight. I am now into day 48, and hope this will be the last chapter.

What we believe happened was an allergic reaction to the antibiotic used to flush the wound.
There wasn't Oxygen being fed to my toe, by day 5 necrosis started to set in. It has been awful. Daily debridement, soaking, cleansing, scrubbing. I have a hole in my toe the size of a quarter with exposed, bone. tendon and joint.
I had surgery on Friday September 16th. I got a "power wash" of a cleaning. A hefty debridement of tissue and bone, and a graft was placed in the wound- like a cupcake liner if you can imagine that. I now have to stay pretty in-active. Recovery time is estimated to be 12 weeks. There is a lot of throbbing, so I need to keep my leg elevated.

I started a new foot book - stay tuned for that. It will probably be loaded with emotion when It's done. So I am expecting that it will be an interesting piece. I believe it is visible to the onlooker when raw emotion is poured onto a piece of artwork. We'll have to see.

Thanks for checking in and all the nice thoughts.

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breakmydreams said...

Oh my you have been through quite a bit lately :(

Hope you get to feeling better and healing soon :)