Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is a book I created for the sketchbook project.  It was  rather ironic that the title I chose had very little personal meaning when I picked it last October.  In  August of 2011 I had a foot surgery that went terribly wrong.  My big toe reacted to a topical antibiotic used in and on me before stitching me up.  In the short of it my reaction was equivalent to a 3rd degree chemical burn.  The necrosis went down to the bones.  I have been fighting for the last five months to keep that toe alive and get the bone covered.  I have been going through weekly skin graft therapy every Wednesday at the hospital.   A few months into this I strummed up enough courage and energy to sit in bed and create.   I stumbled upon a project I had set aside.  The title "Stitches& Folds" could not have held more meaning for my present situation.  Art works in mysterious ways.  Art Saves my soul from the darkness it could be wallowing in at this moment.  It gives me light to move forward in hopes of some day being able to walk and lead the active life I once had.
I hope you enjoy.
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Cally said...

What a great way to work though some the huge emotion that must have engulfed you! It's a wonderful treasure!

ps I came here via the book-arts list.

loretta said...

Hi Leann,
Your journals are wonderfully colourful and very creative.
I hope you are getting better slowly, you must have really suffered a lot of pain.. :(
Sending healing good wishes to you.


HeartFire said...

Wonderfully colorful! I saw your note on the book arts yahoo group. I did the sketchbook project too about "light". Art is a very healing thing to do. Sending you wishes for health! Keep creating...

parthenon said...

Ijust got around to reading tons of emails, and saw your post. Beautiful work, and I hope you heal quickly. Art is the best medicine, it makes us focus on how we really feel. Hope you recover soon!